Thursday, March 21, 2013



I am so angry.

This morning, I headed out in our little Spring blizzard to get Silas caught up on his immunizations. I had taken his immunization records in a couple of months ago to be translated and figured out by our community health centre and we were now going back in to catch him up on some immunizations that he still needed.

We went into the little room with the nurse and went through all the questions, the measuring, etc. She went out for a minute to talk to the head nurse and then came back in tell me that she couldn't give Silas his needles unless I brought in our official adoption papers to prove that he was my child. It didn't matter that I had his health care card with his full name in my wallet.

I have NEVER been asked this before. Not with Lilah and Zoe. Not in the four years that we have had adopted children. Not for immunizations or for the countless medical appointments we have been too.

You really should never piss off a 41 year old mother, who has parented for eighteen years and who has seven children.

I asked why I wasn't told this BEFORE I came in? -- I should have been.

I asked why I have never had to show this paperwork for my other adopted children? -- I should have been asked to.

I asked why, after I had just been to the travel clinic for immunizations with all of my children, I wasn't asked for proof or any kind? -- They should have asked.

I asked why with my biological children, I was never asked to show proof that I was their mother or guardian, or that there weren't adopted? -- She shrugged her shoulders.

I asked why, just because he is chinese, they assume he isn't biological, my husband isn't sitting there... that suddenly the rules change? -- Those are just the rules. Uhhh... since when?

So if I had walked in with my biological child, or even a white adopted child, with their health care card, these questions would never even have come up.


Patrick and Christina said...

Paige, I am so sorry that happened to you...that really ticks me off!

Hope it turned out OK. Hope Silas recieved his vaccines. If it was me I would be immediately having a "chat" with the manager...the one above that head nurse.

Unfortunately, it won't end there. Kevin and Patrick were just treated the same way at the bank trying to deposit money from Kev's bio dad for tuition. They harassed Patrick and didn't acknowledge him as Kev's daily father...insinuated that Pat must be taking advantage of Kev somehow by taking his money. Last year when Kev and I did the same thing no one said a word or blinked an eye. Pat actually wasn't that upset, as he put it "those comments are normal" in his world. He has recieved lots of racial slurs in his 43 yrs. Kevin and I were really upset and went immediately to the manager and launched a formal complaint. Being a "mixed" family comes with many challenges.

Many Blessings to you and may God give you the strength to continue standing up for what it right for your beautiful family.

Marie said...

I'm so sorry! What a horrible thing to have happen! We've never been asked any questions either. Must simply be that individual.
However, we often have rude things said and done to us...I usually chalk it up as the ignorance of a certain group of people. So sad to know there are too many racist/biased people out there. I understand how you feel...I will be praying, even though I know that may sound cliché when what you need right now may be someone to stand by your side and challenge this decision...Hugs!

Paige said...

He never got his shots. They refused. I didn't feel it was a racial issue, but it was discriminatory. And the fact that my three littles were sitting there hearing this totally ticked me off.

arnie&bekah said...

Oh Paige I'm so sorry, that is so offensive... I guess I better get prepared.

Sara said...

So sorry this happened to you! Hard to believe stuff like this sad.

Jessica said...

So sorry Paige...that is offensive. Capital Health asks for healthcare cards..they could looked it up on the is all on there. I would lodge a complaint..sorry, the littles had to hear that.

Tim said...

They had the health cards! Apparently not good enough.
If you are enacting something new you are required to notify patients of the change before they arrive otherwise to deprive them of service would be denying them access to healthcare. That is not acceptable.

Tim said...

The manager hoped Paige would call, didn't proactively call her. They never apologized. It is not an 'official AHS' that case unacceptable. This was blatant discrimination and bigotry with my children listening to it the whole time.

the meaklims said...

Wow. Just wow.
I'm glad you were ticked off. You had every right to be. Good for you. I think the worst part is our children hearing this kind of thing - that's what ticks us off more than anything.

I only ever bring along the official adoption papers when I'm crossing a border or flying somewhere. And even with Phebe still travelling under her full Chinese name (and passport) to Cuba recently, they didn't even ask for the adoption paperwork. I thought that was a bit negligent. Actually, the guy at the Canadian Customs on our way back to Canada asked if the Cuban officials had asked us for her adoption paperwork and when we said no, he laughed and said "Yeah they're pretty laid back, right?!" Ha! No kidding!

((hugs)) Jill

Dianne said...

We had the same experience with our daughter, Paige. Made me so mad. Although when I asked why we weren't told to bring those papers in advance, I was told (with a lot of attitude) that we were told, and obviously hadn't paid attention. Our administrative experiences at the community health centres have always been inconsistent and... colourful... and left us with a lot of stories to tell.

Dianne said...

Then there was the time we were told by a service centre that we could afford to wait months for a health number because if we could afford to adopt, we could afford to pay for medical care...

It is good that our kids have ferocious moms to stick up for them.