Friday, April 5, 2013



I had hoped to blog a bit more of Easter Break but I forgot my laptop cord and my computer died... I took a lot of pictures and we had a lot of fun on our little trip away. So now it is catch up time.

We headed to my parents house for a few days and then into the mountains to ski. Friends lent us their amazing cabin and so we did a lot of swimming, walking and just hanging out. I went to the ski hill for two days while the little ones skied in the Wee Rascals program.

Zoe was tired of skiing before she even got to the hill.



But Silas and Lilah loved it. I will have to put them in a more intense program next year.





The instructors were so good with the kids. They played games with them and let them slide down a big pile of snow.


The big kids -- including Tim -- had a blast up on the mountain... I barely saw them. And I think the boys were glad for the last day when Abby and Micah decided to not to ski, so they could do all the double black diamonds.


Tim is trying to convince me to take up skiing -- I think I am way too old to start now! He is determined to sign me up for Heli-skiing, where you fly away in a helicopter, jump out onto the back of the mountain and die in an avalanche.


Marie said...

Hahaha! Your last comment has me laughing! I'd feel the exact same way...although the adrenaline rush may be worth the risk! ;) You're not too old to start skiing. I think you would love it...although snowboarding is more fun...
I would have thought Zoe would love skiing. Glad the other 2 littles like it.

the meaklims said...

Hahaha!! I too was laughing out loud at that comment too, about heli-sking! It's actually like something I would say. I skied for a few years when we first moved to Canada, way back when I had no sense! I'm smarter now... I like my comforts and the heat too much!

Great pictures Paige! Sounds like a great Easter. We went to a Bible Conference that is held in Toronto every Easter, we also met up with and had breakfast with Stef & Sarah and of course, LiLin!


Dianne said...

What kind of a husband wants his wife to die in an avalanche? Really Tim! Stand strong, Paige! (I.e. not in a body cast!)

Patrick and Christina said...

Hahahahahaha! Made me laugh! I would feel the same way about backcountry skiing...though the helicopter ride would be really cool!

Glad you had a chance to get away from it all and enjoy the mountains.

Beautiful pictures!

Denise said...

Your husband is crazy! lol When Darren and I first married, he was determined I would learn to snowboard. He bought me all the equipment - which my sister was very thankful for because she is the only one who has ever used it! I have zero interest in it. But I can't wait until the kids can all go and I can be the lodge mom ;)