Friday, April 12, 2013

Spirit of Adoption Alberta


One thing I have learned as an adoption advocate is that it is very difficult to get your foot into the door of churches. I have talked and met many other people who are trying to start orphan ministries within their churches and they are being shut down. It seems to be just one more ministry that would take money from other ministries or from the church itself. The amazing thing is that it is usually the very large and "rich" churches that aren't responsive to this call of caring for the orphan. Even when these churches have numerous families within their congregations that have adopted children both locally and internationally.

I would love to hear from anyone in Alberta who is connected with a church, that would like to see us present Spirit of Adoption Alberta to their congregation. We speak to churches about how they can help us help the orphans, by bringing them home to families. We also speak at many information nights about how to go about adopting and what your choices are if you are considering adoption.

We are very grateful to those who have supported our cause. The churches that have allowed us to speak. The adoption advocates who have had us to their information nights. To Focus on the Family (End the Wait campaign) for printing an article about us and promoting us on their website. And to those who have published articles about us in numerous papers. And of course to Abba Canada, who is amazing to work with!

Without financial support from others we cannot do what we are doing. We need to spread the word about our cause.

Since starting in September, we have given out six financial grants to Alberta families. Two of those families have now brought their children home. Christian Adoption Services continues to promote us at their information sessions. We know that as more and more people hear about us, we will get more and more applications and that excites us! More orphans are finding homes in loving, stable, Christian families!

We do have some fundraising plans in the future. I recently had a lovely lady ask if she could help us plan a fundraiser for SOAA. We met and she showed up with her plans printed out. We brainstormed and found that many of her ideas were actually ideas that Susan and I had already considered, but felt very overwhelmed with trying to plan something so big. I am so grateful to Jennifer for helping us with this and we are now planning two fundraisers, one in Calgary and one in Edmonton, this summer. I will be announcing more details very very soon!

This weekend I am so excited to go to Calgary to see Dr. Karyn Purvis from The Connected Child. She will be speaking to us during the day and then there is an evening session on how to start an orphan ministry within your church. Spirit of Adoption Alberta will have a table set up before and after the evening session. I am always excited to go and see other adoptive parents that I know and to meet new people, some I know only through blogging and others who also advocate for adoption. Plus, it is a girl's weekend and so it should be a fun time with a bunch of great ladies!

People care about the orphans. And they care about adoption. I feel that God is going to move in BIG ways within North America in the next couple of years and that more children will find loving homes, where they will have parents who will tuck them into their beds at night and tell them that they are loved every single day.


Tim said...

Ha, all your commenters are at the ladies weekend with you!

Love you.

I love to see this passion go forward.

You are amazing.

Marie said...

Ahh Tim! You make me chuckle :) No the commenters are not all going :(...I'm sitting at home wishing I was on my way to Calgary and constantly being prompted to pray for Paige and this conference.
I love what you are doing and can't wait to hear more. Your passion is contagious and motivates and uplifts me. Seriously praying for God to show us when/if/how we can get a SK chapter up and running.

the meaklims said...

Have a great weekend Paige!
You absolutely are amazing.


Patrick and Christina said...

No Tim...not all of us are going! ;(

I am simply wishing I could attend THAT conference! Paige is a lucky gal to get to go and I can't wait to hear/see what she has learned. Hoping that she will share some pearls with us readers! :)

Praying for you Paige in your quest for Spirit of Adoption and that you see more and more openness in churches you approach!

Denise said...

It was a great weekend - and you are right... there is a change coming in the church community! Looking forward to being part of that wave with you, dear friend.