Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Another two wheeler


Zoe has learned to ride a two wheeler.


This was a bit of a challenge for her.   She does have some balance issues and she had to work a little bit harder!


I actually went and bought the bike and brought it home with training wheels on it.   She needed some motivation.   Once something is there in front of her... she wants it!


I knew she would want this pretty pink princess bike with yet... another baby seat!


Patrick and Christina said...

She looks pretty proud of herself in that first picture! Way to go Zoe!

Paige, look at the awesome little "bike" gang you created! You neighbors will be overrun with cuteness! ;)

Jessica said...

way to go Zoe!!!! I ride with a baby on the back of my bike too :)

Monica said...

So adorable. She looks super-proud in that first photo, as well she should be!

Marie said...

Way to go Zoe! Love that bike!

the meaklims said...

Love that look of pride... in a job, very well done! There's going to be plenty of biking in your neighbourhood this summer!