Thursday, May 2, 2013

Josiah is 15


"Riding a skateboard doesn't make you a skateboarder.
Being unable to stop riding a skateboard
is what makes you a skateboarder."
-- Lance Mountain


We always ask our kids what they want for a birthday supper.   Most of the kids will ask to go out.   Josiah asked for hot wings, ribs and homemade donuts!


Happy Birthday Josiah!


Denise said...

He is so grown up looking! And how did you manage to have almost all your kids' birthdays all around the same time?

Monica said...

Happy Birthday, Josiah!

Awesome portraits, Paige! These are amazing. I especially love that first one where he's holding up the skateboard - and then the closeup following that one.

Jessica said...

Happy Birthday Josiah. great photos as always :)

Patrick and Christina said...

Great Photo's Paige! What a handsome young man! :)
Happy Birthday to Josiah!

the meaklims said...

I could not think of sharing my birthday with a more caring/giving person then Josiah. Happy Birthday Josiah.
I just might drop by your place for birthday supper - sounds perfectly delicious!

And these portraits are fantastic, Paige. Helps when you have a very handsome subject. :)


Marie said...

Oh my! Your boy is growing up and looking very handsome and mature! Happy Birthday Josiah!