Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Riding a Two Wheeler


When Lilah first came home, and for a very long time afterwards, she did not want to do anything for herself.   She wanted everything done for her and if she couldn't do something the first time, would try to give up.


But we pushed her.   Because we knew that she could do many great things, if only she would learn to try, try and try again.


I am proud to say, that she now will ALWAYS try, try and try again.   She will take a task and spend hours on it, until she has figured it out.   I had told the girls this weekend, that if they learned to ride Silas' two wheeler, that I would take them shopping to buy them their very own two wheeler.

Lilah spent about five hours on Saturday learning how to ride a two wheeler like a pro.   We had to help her a little at first, riding a bike with brakes can be challenging!   But she did it!

So on Sunday, we headed out and she picked out her very favourite bike, in her very favourite colour.   As soon as she saw the baby seat and mini helmet on the back, the bike was sold!



Monica said...

Way to go, Lilah! How great that you have taught her perserverence - it will serve her well!

Such a cute bike! And very familiar ... we just bought Claire the same one on Saturday! And I agree, that little seat and helmet are a huge selling feature!

Jessica said...

Way to go Lilah!!! I still remember learning to ride a two wheeler. That would have been the bike I picked too. I would have loved to take my baby for a ride on the back of my bike.

Patrick and Christina said...

Horray Lilah! That is a lot of trying...5 hours! I love the little seat on that bike! Made me laugh... what a cute bike!

Beth said...

Awesome Lilah!. Perhaps she could come give Ava some help. She's not been too interested but she's about the only one in the neighbourhood that can't. I tried and lasted just a few minutes. James did a bit longer than me. Helena has had the most patience but it's always ended in tears. She says she's too scared and can't balance and pedal at the same time. Thing is, she's so athletic! Not sure what will happen. She just has to decide and then she'll be able to....just getting her to decide.

the meaklims said...

Yeahhhhhhhhhh Lilah!!! Awesome job! Some newfound independance for your sweet girl!