Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Art Party


*The invitations are from Print the Party.

On Friday, we had the little girls 6th birthday party at our house.   They invited a few of their favourite people and they painted their own masterpieces and some little ceramic animals.



They had their pretty little cherry chip cake, with the traditional Chinese birthday candle.




*I wish all three girls came out clear in this photo, their little friends face is priceless!




Patrick and Christina said...

Happy Birthday Lilah and Zoe!

Oh my Paige, you really have a knack for parties! This one is so colorful! What a great idea for the girls!

Monica said...

Happy birthday to Lilah and Zoe! I bet they loved their party!

That cake is so pretty. Did you make this one? (I assume so!) And the decorations are fantastic - so colorful. Cool rice krispie "paint brushes" too!!!

Marie said...

What an awesome idea for a party! Love all the colors.

Jessica said...

Happy Birthday Zoe and Lilah. What a fun party :)

the meaklims said...

Happy Birthday girlies! They look SO happy! So much fun. I totally saw those paint brushes on Pinterest recently! And I love the chevron banners on the cake.

I am hosting a cupcake (decorating)party for Lilah this Saturday! Ahhh, wish me luck! Her birthday isn't until 29th, but Phebe's surgery is on 30th and Colin's parents arrive for 2 weeks next Monday, so it's the only time I can squeeze it in. I don't think she's at all put out about her birthday being early!! ;)


The Hull Munchkins said...

You give the most creative and adorable birthday parties!!! So cute. The girls look like they had a blast.

Happy Birthday girls!