Thursday, June 13, 2013

A new bedroom


Our little girls have been sharing a room since Zoe came home. Zoe really needed this, coming from an orphanage where she was used to being in a room with many other children. She hated being in a room alone.

But every single night was a struggle.

Every single morning was a struggle.

The girls would not go to sleep. They would get out of bed, they would talk and laugh. They would get toys and books to play with. And they were never quiet about it. We tried everything. Nothing worked. We had to go up many many times each night and we were getting very frustrated. I like my children to go to bed happy and that was not happening.

Then they would wake up very early. Who ever was awake first would wake the other. And then the noise and stomping would start again and they would proceed to wake up every one else in the house. Usually, by six a.m. We could see that they weren't getting enough sleep. And we would have to deal with their exhaustion though out the day.

Their sleeping patterns do not match.

So finally, we decided we were done. It was time to do a major bedroom shuffle in our house. We lost our guest bedroom in the process. Eli moved to the basement, so now that is the teenage boy area. Micah and Silas share a room and were in the smallest bedroom in our house, so they were moved to Eli's old room. And Lilah was moved back into the small bedroom, which was her room when she first came home. It was a ridiculous amount of work, but works so much better! And Lilah was very excited to move and have her own room, in the colours that SHE loves.


And I was excited to decorate it. I did a bird on a wire theme. I went to Bouclair and found everything I wanted in the exact right colours. Bouclair is a store that organizes all of their items by room and by style. You find what you want and they have everything in one spot. The matching drapes, throw pillows, blankets, art, accessories, lamps, etc. and the prices are very reasonable. I lucked out, knowing I wanted lime green and aqua. And it even came with the artwork with a bird on a wire. I painted some old furniture (from out guest room) white to match her bed and made an old chenille bedspread into a duvet cover for her.

They now go to sleep with no issues. They do not get out of their rooms in the morning until told, they read books quietly. And the rest of the house gets to sleep.

It was the best move ever.


the meaklims said...

Gosh, you're right... that was a LOT of work! I do love the green though, so calming... nice choice Lilah! And the bird theme is perfect - I love it. Glad to hear everyone is getting their much needed sleep again, because grumpy kids are not pretty. And sleep deprived mothers are not pretty either! I know from experience! ;)

I would love to do a bird theme for Phebe when the time comes with little painted wooden bird houses too! Oh, so many ideas! I guess she needs to to be the one to choose though... Haha!


Marie said...

What a beautiful room! Love the birds on the wire. That must have been a LOT of work, but so worth it. We have some of the same issues with our girls and the fact that there is a 4 year age difference doesn't help either.

Patrick and Christina said...

Horray for everyone getting a good nights sleep!
LOVE the birds on the wire and the green!
...I am sure the boys are loving having a teenage area of the house too. I know my young adult loves to escape all the preschool crazy in this house! :)

Monica said...

What a pretty room! I love the theme and colours. Yay for a successful move and better sleep for everyone in the household!