Saturday, June 15, 2013

Professional Graduation Photos



We had some professional graduation photos done of Abigail by a local photographer who I love.



Melissa Raimondi takes the most beautiful and romantic photos and is always so sweet to work with. A lot of her photography is boudoir, but she does all kinds of photography and it is always stunning.



The day that Melissa took these photos, people would stop in the park and stare and tell Abby she was so beautiful. The most precious moment was when a little girl came up to Abby with her Grandma in awe.




Dixie-Lee said...

Absolutely gorgeous pictures of a very beautiful girl who has the whole world in front of her and a loving family behind and beside her :)

Kennedy and Jaida's mom said...

Absolutely stunning! Beautiful young lady.

Marie said...

So romantic and soft...stunning! The first photo is my favorite. You must be one proud mama!

Patrick and Christina said...

BEAUTIFUL photo's! I can see why you like this photographer. Abby is GORGEOUS in that dress! Such a bright future ahead for her! :)

Monica said...

Wow!!! The photography is amazing and Abby is so very beautiful. She looks so regal in these photos.

I seriously am in love with that dress. It's the most beautiful "prom" dress I've ever seen; I like that it's not the typical prom kind of dress but rather, a classic, elegant gown. And it looks like it was just made for her. Abby has great taste!!

The Drinkwaters said...

Simply stunning!