Saturday, July 6, 2013

Our family adventure


Our family is heading out on an adventure. I won't be posting while we are gone for the next ten days. Chances are I will be completely exhausted and most of the time won't have internet, sometimes not even electricity! Anyone who knows me, knows that this trip will be a little out of my comfort zone.

We are headed to Peru. I decided that I wanted to see Machu Picchu as there is talk that it may be shut down to tourists within the next five years. We found a Canadian Tour company called G Adventures and they have planned the entire trip for us, including our very own guide. We change hotels just about every night to a different location throughout Peru, have numerous flights and many, many tours.

Some of the sights we will be seeing are the city of Lima, the city of Cuzco, the Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu and of course the Amazon River. We will be floating in a motorized canoe (yes, me, Tim and seven children) to a eco lodge set deep in the rainforest.

We are a little bit nervous about this trip. Pick pockets, altitude sickness, human trafficking, losing a child -- I bought four leashes! -- and sickness in general. Prayers for our safety would be appreciated.

Although, we do love a relaxing vacation, I do believe it is important to expose our children to the rest of the world as well. I believe this trip will be very educational for them all.


Monica said...

Wow, wow, wow! Good for you to being willing to step outside of your comfort zone! It sounds like a trip of a lifetime. And with seven kids - you are such a brave mama. I love it!

Yes, I'll definitely say extra prayers for your family. Lots to be wary of but no doubt you will make the most amazing memories for your family.

the meaklims said...

You are seriously brave! And man oh man, that sounds seriously cool!

Enjoy, and prayers for safe travel. Take PLENTY of pictures. :)


Dixie-Lee said...

Enjoy your wonderful holiday. Looking forward to the awesome pics that will be posted upon your return.

Patrick and Christina said...

Oh my truthfully the jealousy abounds as I read this! I have ALWAYS wanted to go on a trip to Machu Picchu!!!! :) I have been in love with South American and Latino cultures since I was 12!

I will looking for pictures once you return.

Enjoy your AMAZING adventure to the fullest! I think you and Tim are terribly brave souls! I wish God's protection to surround you and your family each and every step of the way! :)

Marie said...

What a fun trip! Will praying.

Beth said...

Sounds amazing. I'm sure you'll make so many excellent memories. But very brave as well. Will certainly pray that all is well. Take care.

Jessica said...

God's Blessings on your exciting adventure :)