Thursday, July 4, 2013

Summer Book Reviews


A Garden of burning sand by Corbin Addison was excellent. This is my new favourite author. They are heavy, dark stories based on true situations. He only has two books out so far and both deal with social justice issues. This book is a story of an American working in Zambia, who meets a little girl with down syndrome who has been sexually assaulted and this woman does every thing in her power to bring her perpetrator to justice. Sexual assault, especially of young girls is a huge issue in Zambia.

This is a non fiction book, which I rarely will read. For anyone who is an introvert, this book is really reassuring. It tells us why this world needs introverts, why it is okay to be an introvert and how to succeed even if you are an introvert. It also gives a deeper understanding of your spouse or children, if they are introverts. I am trying to get my husband to read this, so he will understand me!

Even though I rarely read non fiction, there seem to be a lot on this list! This is the true story of a journalist who started to show signs of violence, psychosis and danger to herself and others. While everyone else was ready to give up on her and admit her to a psychiatric hospital, one doctor stepped forward to try to figure out what was going on. This book will make you think very differently about mental illness...

I wasn't sure if I wanted to read this book, but it was excellent and I am glad I did. The story line is based on Dante's Inferno poem and the crazy man who takes it to heart. The book has some interesting ideas on population control and the state our world will be in if something isn't done about it. Another book, that makes you think about some deeper issues.

This is the story of two young girls whose lives were forever changed when the tsunami hit India. They were immediately taken and sold to a brothel in Mumbai. Meanwhile, an American lawyer ends up in India to do some pro bono work. He quickly becomes involved in these girls case and is determined to save them. Although fictional, this book shows how the process of human trafficking really works.

Another non fiction book. Although heartbreaking, this woman has an incredible story to share of losing her entire family in the tsunami, when it hit Sri Lanka, while they were on vacation.

Hmmm... another non fiction... This is a true story of a four year old girl in Columbia who was kidnapped from her family and then discarded in the jungle. She lived with a group of monkeys for four years, lost all her language and humanity. She was finally found by a couple and then taken to the city where she was sold into a brothel and then lived on the streets. There is going to be a sequel to this book, which is good, because she does end up married, living in England, with daughters of her own.

This is a good summer read. This book is extremely well written, which is probably the only reason I am reading it... the story is pure mythology, with a touch of historical fiction. A Golem (a woman made from clay for the purpose of serving a master) and a Jinni (a genie) end up in NYC in the early 1900's and become friends. They have to try to fit into society without revealing their true nature in a community of immigrants.


Marie said...

Oh how I could have used this list today. I was looking for some good reads to take along to China. I love non fiction and rarely read fiction...unless it's based on real life facts/history. I will be sure to check out a few of these. Thanks a bunch!

Matt and Maria said...

Have you read Tom Davis`s novels ?
They might be right up your alley. I read Priceless a few months back when he offered it as a free e-book. It is a fictional story of Russian orphans and trafficking. The author is an adoptive father and CEO of a ministry called Hope Chest.

Paige said...

I haven't read him... But I will check it out! I am always looking for more good authors. Thanks for the suggestion!

Jessica said...

married to a strong introvert. Althought I have not read Quiet, kevin loved it.