Monday, July 22, 2013

The Sacred Valley


Throughout this trip all the girls would stay together, usually in one room, and all the boys would stay together. It made our family feel a little disjointed, but at the same time, as girls, we had an absolute blast. It was like a ten day slumber party. Abby and I always laugh together, but on this trip, we laughed even more. Apparently, I amuse her.



After visiting Machu Picchu, we headed to Ollantaytambo for the night. We stayed at Hotel Sol y Luna, which was the most beautiful place I have ever stayed. We each had our own casita style homes with hot tubs in the back. There was a little plate with cookies set out for us.


Me: "Zoe, what do you think this is?"
Zoe: "I don't know, we should try it!"

Me: "What do you think this is?"
Zoe: "I don't know, we should try that too!"

Zoe: "Mom, you should try this one too!"



Micah was sick while we were here and so things were not quite so relaxing for Tim who was constantly cleaning up after him.

There was a beautiful horse show while we ate dinner (these horses had been released right as we were walking across the field for dinner, I ran away in a panic, leaving Abby doubled over with laughter) and this is the restaurant that we tried the guinea pig. It was very good and tasted like dry ribs... you just had to ignore the little leg bones!


The next morning, we headed to the Pisac ruins which were, once again, beautiful.




All the holes in the mountain, in the photo below are tombs of the Inca's.



We had lunch at the Alhambra Restaurant, where the kids were able to feed the Alpaca's. This white one made me laugh.


We walked through the narrow streets of this town and were able to go into the courtyard of a family there to get an idea of how they live. Drastically different then how we live here.


Sweet babies everywhere...


Next up... the jungle. This was our favourite part of the trip!


Jessica said...

what an amazing trip. thanks for sharing all of your wonderful pictures :)

the meaklims said...

Truly incredible, Paige.
Your photography is so amazing! Ignore the legs of the g-pig... not a chance, I would have been gagging for all I was worth. You are so brave! And obviously have a strong stomach, even Zoe thinks so! ;)


Tracy said...

What an adventure for the whole family! I don't think I would be as brave to go there with the little ones, but looks like you had an amazing experience. Great photos!!