Sunday, August 4, 2013



I have decided I hate camping.


Even Tim this year, said "Why do we do this?"


It is so much work with seven children, and yet my children are why we do camp. They LOVE it and I do love seeing them outside all day, exhausted and happy at bedtime.


We headed to Cypress Hills this past weekend for a family reunion. There were thirty of us there, ranging from age 3 to 90. We do this every year, and every year, everyone comes. My Oma is 90 and suffers from dementia. She can barely see or hear. She doesn't know who most of us are anymore. But she was sitting there in her lawn chair and she looked at us all and said, "This is all my family?". This alone, made it worth going.


I think I just about froze to death on this trip. Our Alberta weather is so unpredictable, you never know what you are going to get. We actually packed it up one day early and went to my parents for the last night. We did take kids and go on a 8.2 KM hike to Horseshoe Canyon. The kids walked the whole way and didn't complain until the very end. Silas had some trouble with his foot when walking downhill and Tim had to carry him a lot. I really need to focus on getting mobility in that little foot of his before school starts.


I had a friend tell me yesterday that I don't seem like the camping type. I told her I AM the camping type if the weather is 30 degrees everyday, I am in my trailer (where the bears and cougars can't get me) with my heater, my air conditioner, my full bathroom, my feather bed and my duvet.


the meaklims said...

Oh YEAH, my type of camping too! ;) Hehe!
We are camping in two weeks, me and the girls... with Church friends. Wish me luck!! However, I must agree with you, I ONLY do this camping stuff for the kids, because they have so much fun.

LOVE that photo of Lilah with her tongue out, hehe. And the first one of Zoe, just so precious.

Marie said...

I'm finally catching up. Love the posts of your trip to Peru. My absolute favorite is the jungle. Reminded me of one of the books I'm you recommended...The Girl Without A Name.
I enjoy camping, but can relate to wondering why when it's soooo much work. This year I'm a little jealous of everyone though, cause the closest thing to a vacation this summer is a at home enjoy the pool day. Love the pic of Lilah with the gun almost as big as she is!

The Drinkwaters said...

We could be camping buddies! Come to BC and you will get the 30 degree weather ;)

Monica said...

I'm AMAZED that you went camping again this summer what with your big trip to South America and all. I'd be so exhausted from that alone and want to do nothing else all summer. But I can see why you make the effort. Your kids are making awesome memories.

Patrick and Christina said...

Hahahaha! TOTALLY agree with your version of camping! It was the unpredictable SK weather that lead us to purchase our summer cabin...heater/air conditioner, nice beds, hot coffee and no wild things trying to sniff you through the tent in the middle of the night!

You a Tim are a brave pair of parents! Beautiful, beautiful photo's of your trip and your goregous family!

Hope you figure out what is going on with Silas's little foot.