Thursday, September 5, 2013



I have always wanted to go and see this church in Sedona, Arizona. It is about a two hour drive from Phoenix and since we usually have seven kids with us, we don't want to make the drive!

Tim and I had a quick weekend away before school started this year, and it seemed the perfect time to go visit Sedona. It is a very charming and artsy little city. And the scenery is breathtaking.


We drove around for a couple of hours in Sedona, seeing as many of the sights as we could. One thing I didn't like about Sedona... it was very new age. There were signs everywhere advertising psychic readings, conjuring stores, crystals, etc. That scares me.


But the Chapel of the Holy Cross... amazing! Built right into the rock, overlooking the city.



I may not agree with everything Catholic, but I do think it is a rich and beautiful religion full of tradition and rituals.

We drove towards Flagstaff, through the mountains to get back to the main highway to Phoenix. The red rock disappeared and it felt very much like our Canadian Rockies. The highway was lined with cars of people picnicking and swimming in the river with their families.



Jessica said...

what beautiful scenery. New age creeps me out too. It gives me a sick pit in my stomach. Glad you and Tim got away for a weekend to yourself :)

Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

When you go to places like this it makes you believe even more how amzing God is! He is such an amazing artist. I agee with you on all that new age hocus pocus.

the meaklims said...

Ahh, the scenery is breathtaking. Makes me want to go. And that Church, where it is built, amazing - they totally took the building your house on a rock literally. It's perfect.
You must have loved that 'couple weekend'. :)

Marie said...

I bet that was just what you needed. Always good to have some couple time. Beautiful!

Monica said...

That church is something else! I have never heard of it but am now totally intrigued by it!

Yay for you and Tim having a little getaway!