Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween


My kids are always so excited for this day! Thankfully, this year we have no snow and it is warm... so trick and treating shouldn't be too painful! But this also means that at our house, we will get even more kids coming to the door than usual. We typically get about 250 kids each year!


Halloween isn't my favourite holiday and I find that it just seems to be getting bigger and bigger and more gory every year. Some houses my kids are way too terrified to even go near.


The amounts of candy that people hand out is crazy... what happened to the days when each house handed out only a couple of candies to each child... now they are handing out full sized chocolate bars.


The one thing I do love about Halloween, is the chance to go around and see our neighbours. It is the only time of year where we all really connect with each other.

Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Amsterdam and Germany


We just got back from a lovely trip to Amsterdam and Germany. We spent the first three days in Amsterdam. I wanted to visit the Anne Frank House -- which was amazing to see! -- and I also wanted to see the red light district. The red light district broke my heart and I couldn't walk through there for very long.


Amsterdam as a city was very very pretty and charming. All of the canals, the beautiful old houses and the people riding their bikes everywhere... It was an easy city to get around and we walked almost everywhere. I started to miss my kids on about day two!




We then went on a river cruise down the Rhine.


We would mostly sail only at night and then would get off in different areas during the day. We spent a couple of afternoons on the France side and many days on the Germany side. My favourite part of Germany would be the Black Forest. So picturesque.


We had one afternoon on the ship, where we sat and watched castle after castle appear.





One of our stops was in Cologne. A city that Abby visited two years ago, when she went to Germany to visit a friend of hers. I loved all the cathedrals that I saw on this trip, they are so beautiful... and yet I started to wonder why so much money is spent on these buildings instead of going to help the people of the world... isn't that was Christianity is suppose to be about?




This church was an old monastery and the outside of the building was completely plain, but the inside was this...


So even though we were on a ship of old people -- nothing against old people, but the staff was quite amazed that we were there! -- it was a beautiful trip. And I even met some amazing women who were twice my age... An old English lady told me we were kindred spirits. Another lady (from Argentina) told me her life story, which was so amazing to hear!



And it is always great to get back home to all my kids!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013



This little one does not deal well with change.

We went through this last year when she started Kindergarten, but this year with her starting grade one, it seems to be taking so much longer for her to adjust.

She comes in the door every. single. day. kicking and screaming and crying.

She begs every day to stay home with me. She says she is stupid and no one likes her.

Her impulsivity is through the roof. She hits. She screams. She steals. She can't obey. Ever. Luckily, this seems to only be happening at home. She is scheduled to meet with a Psychiatrist at the Glenrose Hospital in November for an extensive assessment.

I take her in my arms and cuddle her. I tell her she is pretty. She is smart. We try to work on her spelling words and she is so not there yet... it is almost impossible for her to do this right now. I did go in and meet with her teacher and her teacher loves her... she isn't concerned with any behaviour issues at school and hasn't seemed to notice any learning issues.


This photo was taken one day when I wouldn't let her have the iPad. She decided that she was going to run away, so she packed her very favourite things. She is a little drama queen! Through it all, she keeps us laughing and entertained.