Wednesday, October 2, 2013



This little one does not deal well with change.

We went through this last year when she started Kindergarten, but this year with her starting grade one, it seems to be taking so much longer for her to adjust.

She comes in the door every. single. day. kicking and screaming and crying.

She begs every day to stay home with me. She says she is stupid and no one likes her.

Her impulsivity is through the roof. She hits. She screams. She steals. She can't obey. Ever. Luckily, this seems to only be happening at home. She is scheduled to meet with a Psychiatrist at the Glenrose Hospital in November for an extensive assessment.

I take her in my arms and cuddle her. I tell her she is pretty. She is smart. We try to work on her spelling words and she is so not there yet... it is almost impossible for her to do this right now. I did go in and meet with her teacher and her teacher loves her... she isn't concerned with any behaviour issues at school and hasn't seemed to notice any learning issues.


This photo was taken one day when I wouldn't let her have the iPad. She decided that she was going to run away, so she packed her very favourite things. She is a little drama queen! Through it all, she keeps us laughing and entertained.


likeschocolate said...

She is acting out at home because this is where she feels safe. She holds it together all day and when she gets home she unleashes. Hang in there!

Patrick and Christina said...

I so agree with the comment above. It was my first instinctual thought when I read your post...she feels safe with you so you get the ugly parts, her true self and all the insecurities (even when they are wrapped up in cuteness).

Not easy for her, or you. We have some similar drama queens and kings here and they only show up at home. ;)

So AWESOME that you are seeking help/tools to deal with how she is feeling now and not waiting until the brain pathways are deeply rooted. You ROCK as a MOM...never forget it!

Marie said...

Sorry to hear that! It's so hard when our kids come home unhappy. I agree with the previous comments. Zoe feels safe with you and that's when she can safely express herself. Hopefully the issues aren't due to things happening that she can't express/explain. One of our kids was the same way, and we didn't realize what was actually going on simply because he didn't know how to put things into words...which was ironic because he's awesome with words and putting thoughts on paper. sure to tell her that I think she is super beautiful! She rocks that smile!

Monica said...

Aw, poor pumpkin. It must be heartbreaking to see her go through this. And so hard and exhausting for you at the same time. I'll pray that she continues to feel safe within your home to express her pain but also that her pain and troubles will ease with time.

On a completely unrelated and perhaps inappropriate note, nice legs, Paige! {whistle!} :)


The Drinkwaters said...

I think it is also another change for her to be without her sister in the same class. I can see when Mary and Sylvie are separated anxiety tends to heighten dramatically. Somehow just being near each other (even if they are not playing or interacting together) gives them comfort. They too are being great at school, but oh my... the evenings are interesting. I hope with time Zoe is able to settle and relax into the new routine.