Monday, November 4, 2013

Oh, the things they say!


Zoe: Mom, can I invite my invisible friend over?


Me: I am going to snap!
Zoe: You are already snapping.


Eli: You know what is going to suck? Winter.


Me: Lilah, I forgot to pick up your glasses!
Lilah: You really should write things down in a calendar so you don't forget.
-- I do! I just forget to check my calendar!


Me: Eli, you need to shave your moustache.
Eli: I am growing it for Movember.


Tim: What is the capital of Canada?
Lilah: C.


Zoe: Mom, I know all the rules… Don't burn the house down. Don't kill someone. Don't lie.



Beth said...

So cute and wise as usual. My fave is the capital of Canada..makes so much sense. Wow Paige, your hair is really long - we don't often see pics of you so I hadn't noticed before. Lovely pic of you and Abby.

the meaklims said...

Hehe, I'm glad I dropped by here to get my giggle tonight!
I also favour the capital of Canada quote, too funny! But I have to admit, Zoe's rules and the snapping comment are outstanding, they totally made me LOL.

the meaklims said...

Oh, and Zoe's jacket... I want one for myself! Love it! :)

Patrick and Christina said...

Love Zoe's perspective! Capital "C"! All of it makes me, Eli is old enough to be growing a mustache for Movember! ;)

Danae said...

Oh my goodness it's been forever since I've been on blogger and what a laugh you gave me this morning...or should I say Zoe and her knowledge of the rules!

Marie said...

Haha! Love the Movember comment!

Denise said...

Oh my goodness... so cute! I'm glad you have at least managed to teach Zoe the basics of good citizenship like not killing... and so funny that Lilah said the capital of Canada is C! Smart cookie. And really? Eli is growing a moustache?? How did he get old enough to have to shave. Ugh. Life is moving along too fast.

Monica said...

Great quotes, great pictures! I love the outfits on the girls - they suit them beautifully based on the things you've said about them!

Nikki said...

LOL, that's awesome!!

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gracias merci said...

It has been a year. I hope you all are okay. Are you elsewhere on the internet, blogging or maybe vlogging? I miss you.

Paige said...

We are fine here. We have had some things going on here and blogging just became too much to keep up with. I am on instagram and Facebook, but that is about all. We will see if at some point I pick up this blog again!